I believe the virtues of Pinterest will become as familiar as … well, air. (Granted, overstated.) Can you tell I'm a huge fan? I anticipate a great future for this social photo sharing website. And, that future can and should include more commercial fans. Not as an eBay derivative; rather, a nuanced platform where content providers open their product catalogs to receptive buyers of information, products, and ideas. Future owners (you and me) will have a vested interest in how well commerce enhances the hobby. For now, the warp-speed arrival of Pinterest’s adolescence allows us to gush about this virtual meeting place of ideas.


Pinterest is my pictorial blog where I say more with images than I can with words. One friend likened it to photojournalism for our lives. Pinterest is a vision board, revealing patterns in our lives that otherwise remain nestled in the psyche. Perhaps Pinterest can be used as a therapeutic device for psychologists. Inspires a movie idea: “The Pinner on the Couch.”


At some point, I’ll find it hard to imagine a time when my dreams aren’t artfully posted for the universe to observe and share. Interests are shared with strangers who become de-facto soul mates. Only in Pinterest-ville can a 50-something African American writer from LA share a common bond with a 20-something Nashville co-ed about a wedding gown. The social scientist in me values the weekly recap reports that show how interests connect with disembodied pinner friends.


How do I love thee, Pinterest? I love the Three M’s that weave throughout my 20 boards … and counting:
Music. Mission. Mélange.  (Alliteration is the device of choice for this word lover.)



I enjoy being a Pinterest curator of diverse music clips and words of musical wisdom. Board titles are Music Goes Eclectic, Singing Up A Storm, and Musical Prayer Room. The displays range from Motown hits to Japanese classical music. These boards are the sound track to my life that I can hear whenever I need a reminder of my journey. What if I could buy my music from that space?



In addition to my work in banking, entertainment and communications, I have quite the attraction to the ministry. It’s more a mission to share messages of hope through boards like Causes and Advocacy, Inspiration, and God's Got This.  Re-pins and “likes” are the amen’s and hallelujahs that answer my calling. Evangelists, take note and pass the plate!  



This assortment of Pinterest boards has titles such as The Writer’s Den, Potpourri for $200 Alex and “…walks into a bar.” Oh, the amount of information I’ve amassed! There’s a post about coconut milk as an antidote to dairy allergy; how to make an art display from stray earrings; and, how to prepare a party-pleasing watermelon porcupine. I can’t forget the LOL humor boards. There’s camaraderie in sharing innocuous idiosyncrasies (e.g., an intense aversion to bathroom scales.)  Commercial applications scream to be discovered.


Cynics likely consider my Pin-vangelism as the indoctrinated babble of the female “gatherer” who dominates Pinterest.  Maybe they’re right… or, maybe not. I challenge you to find out by creating your own boards and directing your business clients and friends to do so. As the mantra goes, “Happy Pinning!”



Cheryl Farrell www.cherylfarrell-communications.com is a corporate communications consultant/writer, health advocate and singer. She is a former Jeopardy! Clue Crew member who traveled the world presenting video clips on the iconic quiz show. Pinterest now lets her travel to exotic places without the hassle of packing. (Ironically, she has picked up tips on hassle-free travelling via Pinterest.) Cheryl is a parent advocate for finding a cure to type 1 (juvenile) diabetes for which she created Bay Heart Music. Cheryl lives in Southern California blissfully pinning her visions of hope.




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